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Hello!  Welcome to my blog! 

 I'm Shannon! :c)  I love taking pictures and have enjoyed my DSLR camera!  Most of my entries will include at least a picture or two, or they will be filled with pictures!

I live in Gator Country (Gainesville)  It's interesting living in a college town when you aren't in college lol.  I like living here; however, my fiance doesn't care for it too much lol

And now a little about my family I live with:
My fiance is Tony.  We met in June 2007.  We're one of those couples that met online heh.  There used to be a website (I don't know- maybe it's still around?) called Hot Or Not and that's what we met through.  We used to live about an hour and a half apart and would travel back and forth on weekends (in all that time I think there were only a couple weekends we didn't see each other.)  In October 2008 he moved over here to be with me.

At his sister's wedding last year.

We got Baylee in Feb. 2009 as a wittle puppy.  She's a Minature American Eskimo and my shadow.  :c)

I don't know if I should tell you what the L.B stands for lol.  She's Tony's cat and he named her. It's Little B(bleep) LoL  He got her way before I met him.  At the time he got her she was actually a neighbors cat.  When a hurricane came through they were gone and she walked over to his house so he let her in to stay out the storm.  Then after they came back home he took her over there, but she kept coming back to him.  So now she's ours :c)

Don't we look like such a happy family? lol

December 2010 his sister was married.  I was the officiant and Tony was one of the groom's men.  Looking back at the pictures I realized that Tony caught the bouquet [the photographer had him hold it while taking pictures lol]...but...
We were engaged June 2011

I guess because I threatened him. LOL  Kidding!  This is from pictures we took in St. Augustine at one of those Ole Time Photo places.  

He surprised me with a trip to Discovery Cove which included swimming with dolphins.  It was one of the best days ever!  I have an entry with more details if you're interested. :c)  

We've also been to a Halloween 20s Murder Mystery Party.

When he lived in Jax and we were there all the time we would love going to the beach sometimes.

We are always going to Orlando for either Universal Studios {we have annual passes] or Disney.

Thanks for reading!  

I love comments so feel free to leave some on my entries! :c)

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Anonymous said...

i love my baby :d!!!!!1
we have had many exciting adventures and you didnt even say half of them!

shannon said...

That's what the entries are for :c). Love you



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